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Beach Fun @ Ko Samui
Thailand is a famous South-East Asian country and widely popular amongst tourists for its ancient culture, Buddha temples, magnificent palaces, crazy shopping, Thai massage and above all exotic beaches. And if one has to combine a pinch of luxury with laid back holiday then I would strongly recommend visiting Ko Samui Island!

Located on the east coast, Ko Samui is the second largest island in the Gulf of Thailand, next only after Phuket. Ko Samui has been attracting abundant tourists every year given its lively full moon parties, white sand beaches, palm trees and tropical ambiance. It’s a perfect luxury and relaxed vacation hotspot for almost anyone and everyone; couples, solo travelers, group of friends and families.

Ko Samui is a fairly large island with decent infrastructure facilities and luxurious resorts. And travelling from Ko Samui to nearby islands in the South East is relatively cheaper and easier. Although, living costs in Ko Samui are a bit high in comparison to other islands (far less expensive than Phuket though) such as Ko Phangan and Ko Tao, but it will still fall within your vacation budget!

I recommend using rented scooters for traveling within the island. These are cheaper mode of travel and easily available for 250-400 Thai Baht. But this will also depend on bike model and a higher model will cost up to 450-700 Baht.

Listed below, I have shared some insights on tourists’ spots and activities which I explored during my short stay of 3 nights and 4 days, to Ko Samui in July 2017, along with my sister and a dear friend. Ko Samui was totally worth our time and money!

Lamai Beach

This is a beautiful and the second most popular beach in Ko Samui. It is a relatively quieter beach surrounded with 3-star and 5-star resort properties, spa centers, shopping outlets and a plenty of dining options.

We spend first two days of our trip in relaxing and exploring fun activities on the Lamai Beach, such as Jet Ski ride, Parasailing and the famous Thai massage (Aloe Vera massage is highly recommended to cure sunburn!).

Our stay was a splendid one at the Thai House Beach Resort, which is connected to the Lamai Beach. Staff at the hotel was very friendly and guided us on nearest waterfalls and tourist spots to visit, such as the famous Grandfather and Grandmother rocks. They also helped to book our day-tour packages for snorkeling and kayaking activities. Breakfast at the hotel was delicious with a variety of Thai and Continental options. Spa service was also decent and we came across a lot of in- house guests from different parts of the world who were visiting Ko Samui as first timers (just like us )..

Mae Koh Island Viewpoint
Although there are many viewpoints on Ko Samui island which are visited often by tourists but this one is spectacular! I was mesmerized with this serene and beautiful island surrounded with turquoise green water and its absolutely amazing view, for tourists to click pictures. We booked a day-tour cruise ride to reach this island and during the 4 hours journey we were delighted with breathtaking water view, in the Gulf of Thailand.
It all seemed like a paradise! But a paradise worth attraction cannot be attained with no hard work, right? Well yes, you will have to climb up a lot of stairs, (after a relaxing cruise ride of course ) to reach Mae Koh Island Viewpoint.

I would not suggest on visiting this spot to elderly couples or someone with breathing problems or any other serious health condition for that matter, but those in good shape should definitely visit! It’s a stunning view out there…I promise!

Angthong Marine Park

Angthong National Marine Park has more than 40 Islands and is a widely popular destination for tourists, especially those visiting from Ko Samui and Ko Phangan. This is a very large park and it usually takes up to several days and weeks to cover every island but you can also book a day-trip. Only government authorized tour boats (with on board lunch) and speedboats are allowed to reach the park; tour packages are available across all hotels and can also be booked at a local travel agent shop. We spend an entire day at the Angthong Marine Park, exploring kayaking and snorkeling activities.

Sunscreens, swim-wears, hats, sunglasses and a pair of casual tee and shorts, are a must carry items for tourists. Snorkeling was indeed fun but I would also suggest visiting islands like Krabi and Ko Phi Phi to discover abundant marine life. We got lucky to see some colorful fishes though.

Chaweng Beach and Walking Street

Chaweng Beach is the most famous, busiest and a beautiful white sand beach in Ko Samui. You will be surprised and happy to see tiny fishes touching your feet, at the onset, in crystal clear water. It is a very popular beach with expats who visits Ko Samui to attend the full moon parties. The beach attracts majorly young travelers who loves to party and enjoys nightlife!

We were thrilled to witness fireworks in evening and also enjoyed girly bars and pubs along the beachside. There is plenty of accommodation options as well, and equally great shopping experience at the Walking street. Chaweng Walking Street is one of the most famous night markets in the world and tourists visit this often to explore local culture of Thailand. There are so many Thai vendors and local shop owners selling fake brands of cosmetics, T-Shirts, sunglasses, hats, jeans and more; all these items can be bought at even more cheaper prices after bargaining. Don’t feel shy to bargain for more discount, should you are planning to shop at Chaweng Walking Street.

Central Festival Samui

Although, I personally couldn’t find time to visit Central Festival, but I would suggest this place to all shopaholics. Located centrally on Ko Samui Island, this shopping center is very well constructed to accommodate into an island ambiance. There are plenty of restaurants, local shops and boutique stores to choose from. We were advised by locals and hotel staff that this mall is a good place to visit and to shop at a reasonable budget.

Coconut and Sticky Rice with Mango

And…while you are holidaying on Samui Island, you must try everything Coconut!

Coconut Water, Ice Cream, Candies and more. I absolutely relished coconut based toppings on mango ice cream along Lamai beach side, at a local outlet. You should also try Sticky Rice with Mango at Sala Thai Restaurant on Lamai Beach. It was delicious and is my favorite desert now!

So, this was pretty much all I could cover during my short Samui visit! Here’s just hoping this blog will guide you well to plan Ko Samui trip.

Much thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more exciting travel stories! Happy Traveling!


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