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Welcome to Born in Vacations!
Hey Guys! I’ am Neha, creator of this website.

I am an avid traveller by passion and a marketing enthusiast by profession.

I have always been dedicated towards my work and have developed expertise in brand marketing and loyalty programs, by working hard with leading global hospitality and advertising chains. Despite my busy schedule, I had a strong inclination towards travel and over years, I have been balancing work with personal time-off for travelling (thanks to my wonderful bosses who supported my dream!). I believe that travel helps to connect with one’s inner self and also helps to reduce stress.

So, from where did it all begin? Well, I have travelled extensively for the past 7 years now and have visited to 40+ exciting cities and over 15 countries (solo or group)! And, yes, I am still exploring.
I discovered my true inner self and a dream to travel big-time at the age of 22, when I spend about 6 weeks of a solo trip exploring cities in Australia and New Zealand. And, I covered a lot of activities; like paragliding in Queenstown, kick ass shopping in Melbourne, attended the famous Dracula Cabaret show in Gold coast, visited shooting locations for the famous ‘Lords of the Ring’ Hollywood movie in Rotorua and much more!

At 23, I travelled to Scotland and completed my master’s programme in International Business, from The University of Glasgow. The course duration and my stay in United Kingdom spanned over 18 months. During this time, I continued travelling and explored the beauty of Scottish Highlands, Great Britain and some of the coolest cities across Europe! (Amsterdam was my super favourite!). And I did also visit United States after my graduation ceremony.

I would describe myself as a free-spirited person who is unconventional in her approach and loves to go to new places, connect with locals and try everything exciting; from visiting a local market in the suburb to the famous night club in the city centre. Yes, that’s me!

Through these several years, I have gone around the world happily interacting with complete strangers, forging new bonds and have also enjoyed great times with my close friends and family. And, yes, it is rightly said that life is not meant to stay at one place. So, I wish to continue with my travel journey and share exciting travel stories (along with useful travel tips and resources) through this blog!

Born in Vacations will guide, inspire and connect travellers across the world. Here’s just hoping you will like it and find it useful while planning your exciting trips!

Neha Rai

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